Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DIY Bracelet Holder

 DIY Bracelet Holder
Supplies Needed: CD Holder, Paper Towel Role, Scissors, and Duct Tape (preferably colorful) 

First, You will need to poke a hole in the center of the paper towel role large enough to fit onto the CD holder

About this size

Next, You Will need to wrap the entire paper towel role in duct tape (it is okay if you go over the hole)

If you went over the hole, then find where it is and repoke the hole

Then, if you want you can duct tape the CD holder

Now, you can put the paper towel role onto the CD holder and then, "voila" you have a bracelet holder!

Finished DIY Bracelet Holder

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Team Hair- Tie

I play recreational  soccer and my team doesn't have matching hair-ties! So, I decided I have to make matching hair-ties for my team. The color of my team is aqua so I chose aqua colored ribbons.
 Supplies: Aqua ribbon, or what ever your team color is (got it at Micheal's for $1.99 on sale), Black sparkly ribbon (got it at Michael's for $1.99 on sale), Dark aqua ribbon, or whatever your team color is (got it at Michael's for $1 on sale), ruler, hair-tie, and fabric scissors.
 First, Measure each color ribbon to 7 inches. You have to cut 2 pieces of the aqua ribbon, 2 pieces of the dark aqua ribbon, and 3 pieces of the sparkly black ribbon (this makes enough to tie the ribbons only on the top). Next, tie the ribbons on the hair tie in this pattern: black, aqua, dark aqua, black, aqua, dark aqua, black.
And there! You're done, now you have a beautiful team hair-tie!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Personalized Box

I wanted to be organized... but in style, so I decided to turn a simple plastic box into an interesting one to hold my supplies!
 Supplies: Plastic Box (got it at Michaels for 75 cents on clearance) and sharpie markers &/or painter markers (left over from a prievious project)
 First, I wrote my name across the top of my box
 Then, I decorated it by add dots and flowers
And there! You're done! Now you have your own personalized box!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Glittered Bookmarks

I just LOVE reading, but I just think the bookmarks are too boring. So I decided to make my own cool bookmark.
Supplies: Stencil (got it for $1 at the dollar store), Glitter Blast Spray Paint (left over from my Glitter Friends Picture Holder project), white paint (left over from a different project), and wood shapes (got it at Michael's for a 25cents each).
 First spray paint the wood shapes with glitter blast spray paint
 Then, glue the shapes to a piece of ribbon
 Once, you paint your oval white, put a stencil over your oval and spray paint the stencil with the glitter blast spray paint

 Voila! You have your cool book mark!

Glittered Friends Picture Holder

I was inspired to do this project when my mom told me about the glitter craft contest by Tatertots & Jello.

Supplies: Glitter Blast Spray paint (got it at Michaels for $4 using a 50% off coupon), White Spray paint (got it at Walmart for $1), Friends Sign (got it at Michaels for $1), Chip wood (leftover from another craft), and small clothes pins (also leftover from another craft).
Spray paint the friends sign with the glitter blast spray paint and spray the chip wood with the white spray paint.

Then glue the friends sign to the chip wood

Next, glue your small clothes pins to each end of the friends sign

Voila! You're done! Now you have a picture holder for pictures of you with your friends!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Horizontal Kandi Bracelet

Hi, my name is Christina and I'm 12 years old! I got inspired to do this craft because my mom is always doing so many cool crafts, so I decided that I wanted to do a cool craft too and that is why I am doing a tutorial on how to make a horizontal kandi bracelet.

You should have 28 beads for each color

Cut the string arm's length

 Tape the end of your string to your workspace

Bead on the first color of beads as though you were making a regular bracelet 

Show all
Once you finish stringing on your first color of beads double knot the ends of your string (make sure you leave a lot of string on one end and a little bit of string on the other)  

When you start on your second color skip a purple bead and slide the string in the next purple bead and continue around the whole bracelet

It should look like this when you skip a purple bead 

When you finish stringing the beads all the way around it should look like this, you should add a second layer of the same color (string on one bead then slide the string tthrough the next bead and add another bead and so on)

So in the end it should look like this

Once you have finished adding all of your beads find were there is a space in your bracelet and tie a double knot to it

When it is finished it should look like these two pictures

If you need more information on how to make the horizontal kandi bracelet click on the video below to watch how to make it