Thursday, September 15, 2011

Glittered Friends Picture Holder

I was inspired to do this project when my mom told me about the glitter craft contest by Tatertots & Jello.

Supplies: Glitter Blast Spray paint (got it at Michaels for $4 using a 50% off coupon), White Spray paint (got it at Walmart for $1), Friends Sign (got it at Michaels for $1), Chip wood (leftover from another craft), and small clothes pins (also leftover from another craft).
Spray paint the friends sign with the glitter blast spray paint and spray the chip wood with the white spray paint.

Then glue the friends sign to the chip wood

Next, glue your small clothes pins to each end of the friends sign

Voila! You're done! Now you have a picture holder for pictures of you with your friends!


  1. I love that glitter paint. I am busting mine out soon!!!
    You are a very crafty and talented girl!!!
    Keep it up!